Pursuant to a Council Meeting held on the 22 May 2020, Council resolved among others that a further extension of the validity of the current valuation roll be requested from the MEC for Local Government in terms of Section 32(2)(b)(ii) of the Local Government Municipal Property Rates Act (Act 6 of 2004) (LGMPRA) and that a Multi-Party Committee be constituted to investigate the matter and that external legal advice be sought.
A meeting of the Multi-Party Committee and the legal advisory team was held on 3rd June 2020, wherein an external legal opinion was delivered. At the core of this opinion is an advise that the municipality make an application to the MEC for an extension of the validity of the current valuation roll.
 Following that, the municipality held an urgent meeting with the MEC for Cooperative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs subsequent to which a technical team was established to develop a process plan and a formal application for submission to the MEC for approval, which application was submitted. Once the application has been approved, it will provide the municipality with sufficient time to put appropriate measures in place and to ensure that property owners are provided with a credible general valuation roll.
A report will be tabled in Council once the municipality has received a response from the MEC. The municipality still stands by its position that property owners should not lodge objections to the new valuation roll.