Clean and Safe City operations in the city.

The Rustenburg Local Municipality has so far recorded significant successes since the inception of the Safe and Clean City Campaign.
The municipality in partnership with the Hawks (Investigative Unit of the South African Police Service) had on Monday embarked on a special operation focused on uprooting crime in the city involving scrap yards operating illegally and suspected of dealing in stolen copper cables and materials allegedly stolen from Eskom infrastructure.
The operation uncovered other illegal activities and practises inconsistent with the law, illegal trading in different business fields, including stores selling expired goods and food products.
The municipality encourages the community to participate in the campaign by reporting criminal activities with the South African Police Service.
For further enquiries kindly contact Mr David Magae on 014 590 3509 or 060 991 3666.

Repairs to Water Infrastructure

Residents and Business are kindly notified of an installation of a valve at 571 Midas Warehouse. As a result, certain areas will experience low water output or no supply of water.
Areas to be affected are:
Midas Complex
Mabe Business Park
Bali Village and surrounding areas
The water interruption is expected to last between 4 and 5 hours.

Improper Use of Municipal Vehicles

Residents are hereby requested by the Rustenburg Local Municipality to take photographic evidence of Municipal fleet, should it become suspicious that the vehicles are not reflecting any response to service delivery related queries.
The Municipality is working closely with the Automated Fleet Management Company in ensuring that the Municipality clamps down on officials who abuse municipal vehicles.
Photographs of Municipal vehicles that may be identified at shopping malls/centres, parked under trees and or in areas where there is no substantive evidence of service delivery can be sent by WhatsApp to 079 893 7429.





Rustenburg Local Municipality Lifts Water Restrictions

The Rustenburg Local Municipality hereby informs residents and businesses that, following a meeting with Rand Water, as the Municipality’s water service provider has lifted previously communicated water restrictions on the 2 December 2018.
The effected water restrictions were as result of higher than normal consumption by mining houses in the Rustenburg area, which source water from the Rand Water supply system. The meeting between Rustenburg Local Municipality and Rand Water resolved that the mining houses in the area will be restricted as of today.
We however continue to urge community members to save water, not water gardens and fill swimming pools. The Barnardsvlei Reservoir water levels will be constantly monitored and any changes that may compromise sustainability of the reservoir will result in communication of water restrictions.
The Municipality will communicate in advance if the water levels will require a restriction. Rustenburg areas supplied by Barnardsvlei are the following:
Cashan (all extensions)
Rustenburg East
Bo Dorp
Waterfall East
Protea Park
For media inquiries, kindly contact Mr David Magae on 014 590 3509 or 060 991 3666, alternatively by email at


Power Supply Interruption due to Eskom Repairs on the Electrical Network

Residents and businesses are hereby notified of an emergency repairs by Eskom on the electrical infrastructure. As a result, there will be power supply interruption between 14:00 and 14:30 due to switching to transfer load from Industries Sub-station to Waterkloof Sub-station.
The following areas will experience power supply interruptions during the electrical load transfer procedure for a period of 30 minutes:
East End
Mabe Business Park
Rustenburg Central (Partly)
Geelhout Park
Tlhabane West
Cashan (Including the Waterfall Mall)
Waterval East Areas
There is risk of power trips between 14:00 and 18:00 as Eskom will be carrying out their maintenance work on the infrastructure.
For media inquiries, kindly contact Mr David Magae on 014 590 3509 or 060 991 3666, alternatively by email at

Rustenburg Local Municipality Implements Water Restrictions


The Rustenburg Local Municipality will from today implement scheduled water restrictions. These restrictions are as a result of the extremely low water levels in the supply system.
Currently the Rand water system is currently at 1%, consequently residents and businesses alike will experience minimal to no water supply during the period in the greater Rustenburg area.
Immediate restrictions will be implemented on all town reservoirs to save the water which has already been stored in the system for supply.
The water restriction schedule will be as follows:
From 13:00 – 17:00 and 22:00 – 05:00 am the following morning.
The following areas will be immediately affected:
– Cashan (all extentions)
– Protea Park
– Waterkloof
– East End
– Boschdal
– Bo dorp


Eskom Implements Load-Shedding Stage 2

Load-Shedding Notice:
Residents are hereby notified of an Eskom Load shedding stage 2 (09h00-22h00) due to pressure in the system. As a measure to stabilise the system, the Rustenburg Local Municipality will effect a power outage from 09:00 am this morning. Residents are cautioned to switch off their electrical appliances during this period.
We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.
For media inquiries, kindly contact Mr David Magae on 014 590 3509 or 060 991
3666, alternatively by email at

Rustenburg Local Municipality Reaches out to Account Holders in Arrears

Subsequent to the decision by Council earlier this year, to focus on addressing challenges of the increasing value of the debtor’s book of the Municipality, the Rustenburg Local Municipality has undertaken a process of engaging account holders – residents, businesses, institutions of varying levels of education as well as non-governmental organisations on accounts that are in arrears.
As a result, the Municipality has launched “Fiela Sekoloto” which is an incentives program aimed at helping account holders reduce their accrued interests in their various Municipal accounts. The campaign will continue into 2019 to allow all of the affected clients to have the opportunity to get into contact with the Municipality with the sole aim of reducing the debt on their respective accounts.
For media inquiries, kindly contact Mr David Magae on 014 590 3509 or 060 991 3666, alternatively by email at


National Rail Safety Campaign

The Rustenburg Local Municipality in partnership with the Railway Safety Regulator (RSR), notwithstanding other stakeholders that participate in the exercise such as the South African Police Service (SAPS), has since the beginning of this week embarked on the National Rail Safety Campaign in Rustenburg, at level crossings.
The Railway Safety Regulator is launching the National Rail Safety Week from
26th – 30th November 2018 for the first time in South Africa to intensely promote rail safety messages for one week every year. The objective is to reduce collisions and create more awareness, given the statistics on the State of Safety Report and the fact that there have been challenges with level crossings, people struck by train and collisions.
The Rustenburg Local Municipality believes that much still needs to be done to educate our communities on safe railway behaviour to curb the unacceptably high levels of fatalities at our level crossings.
For further enquiries kindly contact Mr Magae on 014 590 3509 or 060 991 3666.


NERSA Sets The Record Straight on the Alleged Debt owed by Rustenburg Local Municipality to Eskom

The energy regulator NERSA (National Energy Regulator of South Africa) has today formally communicated with Rustenburg Local Municipality, to clear the air about the alleged debt owed by the Municipality to power utility – Eskom. The formal communication comes at the back of publication which was generated by Mr Joe McGluwa of the Democratic Alliance. In his earlier communication Mr Joe McGluwa claimed that Rustenburg Local Municipality, owed Eskom about R 260 Million rand and that the Municipality was at risk of being switched off the national grid.
In our response we called out Mr Joe McGluwa or anyone with information to substantiate the nefarious comments which were aimed at tainting the image of the entire leadership and administration of Rustenburg Local Municipality.  NERSA confirmed that Rustenburg Local Municipality does not owe the power utility the amount quoted by Mr Joe McGluwa in his letter which sought to discredit the administration of the Municipality and cause unnecessary panic to the residents and business community we serve.
Rustenburg Local Municipality is proud not appear on the list of Municipalities which will be switched off the national grid due to default payment. As a public institution we reaffirm our earlier position that the only amount linked to an Eskom account, is the one which has already been referred to the dispute resolution process of NERSA and is still awaiting an outcome. We remain committed to serving our communities to the best of our ability while delivering world class services.
For Media inquiries, kindly contact Mr David Magae on 060 991 3666, 014 590 3509 alternatively by email at