In the wake of the events that have been happening on the Electrical Network, the municipality has resolved that Eskom should commission the outstanding transformer No. 3, which has been out for refurbishment. This comes as a remedial action to the spurious outages that we have been experiencing.
After commissioning we will have the full complement of four (4) transformers, instead of three (3) that we had over the last few months. However, for transformer NO. 3 to be commissioned, Eskom must switch off transformer No. 4, meaning that we will be left with a capacity of 80MVA. The outage starts at 07H30 to 16H00 today.
The Electrical Department has scheduled the load shedding as follows:
From 09H00 to 11H00:
Affected areas will be as follows:
Cashan Extensions; Safari Tuin Extensions; and part of the Mall.
From 11H00 TO 13H00:
Affected areas include:
Cashan Extensions; Safari Tuin Extensions; Protea Park; R24 Road; part of the Mall; Rietvlei; Protea Park; Geelhout Park Ext 5.
From 13H00 to 15H00:
Affected areas include:
Geelhout Park Ext 4, 6, and 9; Rustenburg North; Tlhabane West; East End; Bodorp; Town Central from Taxi Rank
From 15H00 to 17H00:
Affected areas:
Bodorp (Partly); Town Central
From 17H00 to 19H00:
Affected areas:
Waterval East Extensions; Pretoria Road (R24); East End; Areas between Oliver Tambo and Zendeling Streets; Industrial Area East End.
NB: All electrical points should be considered live, as a result of this load shedding.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Issued by: Communications Unit
Office of the Executive Mayor