Today, the world, celebrate World Tourism Day and Rustenburg, would like to join the global community in celebrating World Tourism Day. The United Nations recognized the importance of international tourism and proclaimed 2017 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development and the theme: “Sustainable Tourism – a Tool for Development”. Tourism has powerful effects on the economy, society and environment in generating countries and especially in the receiving countries. In addition to the socioeconomic impact of tourism, the sector, if managed sustainably, can be a factor for environmental preservation, cultural appreciation and understanding among peoples.

Tourism is one of the key sectors of the Rustenburg economy, hence the municipality identified Tourism is one of the priority sectors. On this day, the leadership of Rustenburg commit to work together with the private sector to grow the Tourism Sector. We are conscious of all the efforts that have been made by individual tourist operators and appreciate such efforts which yield in the attraction of tourists into Rustenburg and therefore boosting the economy of Rustenburg. Tourism is a key sector in the world and pose an abundance of opportunities. Rustenburg has a lot to offer to tourists such as the natural scenery under which resort the Magaliesberg Bio-sphere, the Kgaswane Nature Reserve, historical sites, night live through entertainment, etc.

It is significant for us celebrating the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development and to give expression to theme, on the 29th September 2017 with our key stakeholders (for the purpose of market linkages and growing the tourism sector) in the tourism industry and those who made a significant contribution to tourism in Rustenburg. Rustenburg Local Municipality is committed to give full expression to the sustainability of tourism and share in the sentiment of the United Nations that it is essential for all actors, including companies operating in the sector, to be aware of opportunities and responsibilities alike, and to act accordingly so that their actions leave a positive mark on the society in which they operate and ensure the sustainability of the destination and their businesses.

Amongst the objectives of the National Department of Tourism are the following:

  • To grow domestic tourism through editorial coverage of South Africa’s commitment to sustainable, economic, social and environmental activities.
  • Rally the nation behind tourism and get everyone to contribute to tourism in a sustainable manner.
  • Inspire domestic travel by showcasing how taking a trip can be easily accessible, affordable and exciting.
  • Show everyone how they can contribute to tourism through assisting with the preservation of the local wild-life and environment.

The main activity for Tourism Month is the Tourism Celebration which will be held on Friday, 29 September 2017 at the Visitors Information Centre (VIC) starting from 09:00-13:00. This event will be attended by the Rustenburg Local Municipality political leadership and the administration as well as tourist operators, the business sector, hospitality operators, tourism operators as well as government agencies, local educational institutions as well as prominent historians.