There is a Facebook posting by Mr Lucas Mothibedi of SABC which relates to corruption at the municipality
It is important to set the record straight in terms of this posting. On Friday, 09th
 February 2018, the Executive Mayor was interviewed by Lucas at the Rustenburg Civic Centre, so this message seems to be an extract from that interview
We confirmed during the interviews that there is a cartel linked to corruption at the mechanical workshop and management of fleet. We revealed an affidavit by one of the service providers at the mechanical workshop who exposed names of employees who were allegedly paid the bribe of R800 000 to secure work and or payment from the municipality.
The municipality has reported this alleged criminality to the South African Police Services as well as the Hawks.
It should also be noted that there is an ongoing forensic investigation into the mechanical workshop and fleet management.
We are also taking steps to institute a further forensic investigation with the Budget and Treasury office of the municipality. The focus of this forensic investigation is on all payments made from the municipality over the past three years.
We have recently received a report from forensic investigations into supply chain irregularities. Following this investigation, disciplinary action has commenced against individuals concerned. Where necessary these matters have also been reported to the South African Police Services.
For further enquiries contact Mr Andrew Seome on 014 590 3525 or 082 717 4374.