“Setsokotsane is changing Bokone-Bophirima for the better”
By: Thapelo Matebesi
The Bokone Bophirima province is indeed being radically changed for the better through Setsokotsane. This fourth concrete of the provincial government program, namely; Rebranding, Repositioning and Renewal (RRR,) has made strides in service delivery in all four districts of Bokone Bophirima province. The campaign has reached the length and breadth of the entire province through districts, segmenting them strategically into local municipalities, down to wards, on a bi-monthly basis. By so doing ensuring that every village, town and small dorpie is reached. This well-thought-out approach has saved many communities from travelling long distances, which are very costly, for service delivery issues.
In the process, communities have been educated on government services and programs, their various challenges have been resolved, service delivery intervention with municipalities and traditional leaders has been facilitated and interaction between government and communities has been facilitated.
The tangible benefits of this campaign are varied and many. For example, many people have been assisted with registrations of their identity documents, births, deaths, Cooperatives and Companies. Many people now know how to access indigent grant subsidy, empowerment fund, business advisory, SMME Consulting with regard to SEDA, NYDA, DTI and CIPRO.
Work-seekers have been registered throughout the province, thus enhancing their chances of getting jobs, youth have been assisted with career guidance, career information, employment counseling and youth outreach programs. Substance abuse, crime and human trafficking education and awareness sessions have been conducted in the process, thus effectively ensuring a safe and secure society in Bokone Bophirima.
On the physical front in terms of service delivery, reports from municipalities indicate the following:
  • that grass-cutting on side- walks and open spaces has been done,
  • street cleaning and refuse removal have been done,
  • missing road signs have been replaced,
  • street lights have been repaired,
  • water leaks have been attended to and fixed.
To mention but a few as far as comprehensive reports from municipalities go. Majority of citizens of the province, if not all, now know where to lodge their complaints through the Setsokotsane Provincial Operation Centre, through the “Bua Le Puso” Toll-Free numbers, and social media platforms, as published in various publications circulating in the province.
It is against this background that one speaks with confidence that indeed, Setsokotsane is changing Bokone Bophirima for the better.