Kindly note, that will be have an outage at Boschdal Substation scheduled to start on Monday evening, 11:00 pm. Due to Substation upgrade of Boschdal Substation , it was find out that  both transformer feeders A and B  have problems on  voltage transformer. So will be replacing them as follows:
  • Transformer B: From 11:00pm on Monday 26 June 2017 until 03:00 on Tuesday 27 June 2017
  • Transformer A: From 03:00am on Tuesday 27 June 2017 until 07:00 on Tuesday 27 June 2017
Affected areas of are as follows;
  Cashan 1,2,4
Safari Garden 2,3,5 and 6
And Waterkloof
Can you please advertised accordingly
Hope you find this in order.