Rustenburg: On 10th November 2017, the Rustenburg Local Municipality in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, namely; South African Police Service (SAPS), Home Affairs Department (Immigration Unit), Social Development Department (Social Workers), Community Policing Forum’s (CPF’s) and civic organisations, embarked on a special massive crime clamp-down operation, as part of the re-launched “Safe and Clean and City Campaign”, which aims to ensure safety, security and cleanliness for all communities of Rustenburg.
The operation which will be conducted weekly, started in Rustenburg East (Wards 18 and 42) achieved very good intended objectives, namely; number of problem buildings were identified, wherein a number of girls, as young as twelve up to early twenties, were rescued from their handlers who deal in drug smuggling and human trafficking, illegal immigrants were identified and duly charged for being in the country without necessary documentation, problem buildings which are used as brothels were accordingly closed down, drugs and stolen vehicles used in crime perpetration were also found.
“We are serious about uprooting crime out of Rustenburg when we re-launched the Safe and Clean City Campaign earlier this year, with the spirit that we shall not tolerate nor condone crime in our city and the rest of Wards. We are attacking it in all fronts. We are busy mobilising our communities to rise against crime wherever they are, so that we together nip it in the bud. We will together with our stakeholders, be patrolling our streets and conducting special operations randomly, unannounced, as well as doing marches together with residents, as we will be doing this Friday, 17th November 2017, starting 17:00, at the Rustenburg East Bobby Sport Grounds, proceeding to identified hot spots. By so doing, we will together be propelling Rustenburg into a world class city where all communities enjoy high quality of life”, said Executive Mayor, Cllr Mpho Khunou, in the aftermath of the successful crime combatting special operation.