Residents of Oorzaak, Zuurplaat, Waagfontein, Rietfontein, Kroondal and Modderfontein and their respective surrounding rural areas have been affected by frequent power failure since Nov 2014. This was as a result of, amongst others – low hanging conductor causing clashing between lines, trees underneath the lines, broken poles and insulators due to ageing, missing hardware like stay-wire and earth wires due to vandalism and theft and failing transformers due to overloading and illegal connections.


  • Installation of 15 X Auto re-closers started on all lines from Kroondal Substation are and to be completed on 13 December 2020.
  • Installation of 70 X Fault Path Indicators (FPI) started on all lines from Kroondal Substation and to be completed on 13 December 2020.
  • Construction of new Modderfontein Substation around and close to where the lines load is based, on the Old Pretoria Road. The project is on final design stage and construction will commence in March 2021.


  • The Auto re-closers will act by ensuring that only the affected portion of the line is isolated from the entire network. It will always attempt to close by its own without waiting for the Electricians to go out (for temporary fault – like wind causing lines to clash, when foreign objects have been thrown to the line, water tracing into the cracked insulators, etc.) and for the permanent faults, it will make sure that only the affected areas remain closed.
  • The FPI will indicate exactly the portion of the lines which have caused the trip and send SMS to standby personnel.
  • The construction the new Substation will make all lines short and will assist in restoration time during tripping.