Residents are hereby informed that due to internal operational challenges at the Bospoort Water Treatment Works (BWTW) managed by the Water and Sanitation Servicers South Africa (WSSA) the supply of water to Rustenburg has been reduced to 60%.
The following areas will experience water supply interruptions:
  • Geelhout
  • Parts of Tlhabane West
  • Zinniaville
  • Rustenburg North
This will have a negative effect on the supply of water to the industrial reservoir and consequently water supply to residents will be severely constrained. Further to that, with the reduced allowance for water supply, the Municipality will not be able to ensure provision of water to residents at the desired quantity.
The Municipality is continuously engaging WSSA to improve on the current water supply quota which will ensure that when supply is increased from the 6ml/d to 12ml/d to meet the demand, this will avert the unintended consequences of water cuts. While the Municipality regrets these developments, residents are reminded that the RLM continues to fulfil its financial obligations to water service providers and issues regarding capacity, are beyond the authority of the Municipality as a customer with a contractual agreement. Residents are further advised that the above mentioned areas will be restricted from 18:00 to 06:00am to raise the level of industrial reservoirs. Further updates in this respect will be communicated in due course as the Municipality will be monitoring closely the situation.
We apologize to residents, for the inconvenience that this may cause.