As a regular engagement between the City’s top leadership and senior managers responsible for the provision of varied services to the communities of Rustenburg, Councillor Mpho Khunou and Mr. Victor Makona as well as the members of the Mayoral Committee on Technical and Infrastructure Services, Roads and Transport and Budget and Treasury Office – Councillors Michael Mhlungu, Lucky Kgaladi, and Basebi Lekoro were locked in a performance review meeting regarding service delivery in Rustenburg. Given the challenges which the City noted in the recent budget presentation, the Mayor called for an intensified approach to service delivery as residents needed to be serviced effectively despite the many challenges which have been highlighted.

In his opening remarks, Mayor Khunou said it was important to be relentless in the provision of services as residents have been inconvenienced enough “the budget which we have augmented at the recently tabled Council meeting, shows that we may not be perfect but we are turning things around. The only way this City can work is when residents’ challenges are resolved and the infrastructure Rustenburg has is maintained to promote effective delivery of services, without addressing this core mandate we would be failing at the basic reason why we are all here” Mayor Khunou emphasized.

The RLM has prioritized all issues around water-related issues, which have been highlighted previously. Following the additional funding from the adjusted budget which is people-centered and service delivery oriented the City has commenced with numerous interventions in resolving water reticulation within Rustenburg’s water network.  This includes the upgrading of Tlhabane West Pump station and about 80 percent of the pipe bulk line has been laid. This project will ensure that the RLM’s infrastructure pumps more water within its network which will ensure that high-lying areas which have been severely affected by water supply interruptions experience low incidents of water cuts.

The City’s Community Development Directorate has continued to express concern about the growing number of illegal dumping spots which the City has been regularly clearing. The Directorate has been hard also, clearing most of the public spaces within the City’s jurisdiction which pose a safety concern to residents. To this extent, illegal dumping areas, which experienced an increased occurrence of illegal disposal of refuse/waste have been cleared.

Ramochana’s main entrance and the taxi rank area are some of the areas which had the ire of the community and the directorate responded swiftly in ensuring that the open spaces are cleared thus preventing any health-related hazards to residents.  These by-law contraventions of waste management – illegal dumping have also been in the City centre and this is concerning as most of our SMME’s make use of the allocated public spaces for trading and these incidents have the potential to affect their income and or profitability as a result of the health complications that may arise.

In ward 34 at Bokamoso, the team cleared the illegal dumping area, which has been at the entrance of the settlement and some cleaning of the public spaces in Tlhabane around the JD Mosia Primary School has also been successfully completed. The recent wave of torrential rains has also made the RLM intensify the cleaning campaign in cemeteries around the City. Numerous burial sites under the administration of the City have been given more attention, as the relaxation of the Covid-19 regulations gives an increased number of our residents’ access to gravesites particularly during funeral services.

Our cemeteries including Pioneer, Donkerhoek, and Rietvlei have are being cleaned by way of grass cutting while the Tlhabane cemetery cleaning phase has been successfully ended. We urge our communities to make use of the municipal approved waste management/dropoff sites which residents can access directly to dispose of their waste such as the Strumosa drop-off facility, which is used only for garden waste, and the Waterval Landfill facility which can be used for the disposal of domestic waste.

Alternatively, residents can put their domestic waste out, as per normal on the day of collection. It is critical that illegal dumping has serious effects on the immediate environment and the health of persons who may be in close proximity to the area used for dumping.  Technical inquiries for waste-related matters can be directed to Customer Care on 0145903090 or Unit Manager: Waste Management, Mr. Julian Nkoana on 0145903101/8/3108 or