Theft and Vandalism Continue to Wreak Havoc

This serves to continue to update residents and businesses that theft and vandalism of our electricity infrastructure continue unabated. Transformer oil has just been stolen from one of our mini substations, leading to power outages, which has affected the following areas:
  • Cnr Mbeki/Heystek – 500kva
  • Cnr Heystek/Kock – 200kva
  • College ms- 315Kva
  • Scheiding ms 2 – 315Kva
  • Scheiding 87ms – 315Kva
  • Cnr Beyers Naude/Heystek 315Kva
  • Bethlehem 179 ms – 500kva
  • Cnr Bosch/O. Tambo – 200kva
  • Wimpy ms-315Kva
Our electrical engineers inform us that only two transformers can be repaired per day. It takes manufacturers eight days to manufacture transformer oil. To ensure continued provision of electricity, we have ordered extra transformer oil, which will be delivered tomorrow (28 August 2021). This means that at the pace at which these dubious acts of theft and vandalism continue like this, our communities will find themselves in complete power outages frequently and for long periods.
We therefore appeal once again to our communities to help us by reporting these criminal activities at their nearest police stations, or on the following Municipality’s numbers:
  • 064 7551 009
  • 084 079 4877
  • 074 327 3041
  • 064 190 7785
Let us love our city, join in the war against theft and vandalism of our infrastructure.
Issued by the Communications Unit: Rustenburg Local Municipality

Eviction of Land Invaders at Rietvlei (along N4 national road)

The Rustenburg Local Municipality is aware of the land invasion that has occurred at portion 1 of the farm Rietvlei 271, Rustenburg, and is dealing with the situation as follows:
The Municipality has since applied to the High Court in Mahikeng and subsequently obtaining it, with the objective to evicting invaders. In order to enforce the court order obtained on the 14th May 2018, the Municipality requested assistance from the South African Police Service. This request was not successful as senior management of SAPS responded that they were unable to help, as they first had to seek legal opinion from their Legal Advisors.
The Municipality is of the opinion that the court eviction order is clear and unambiguous, that the South African Police Service, as the 6th respondent on the matter, of their role in helping the Municipality to enforce the order. Failure to act urgently will intensify unlawful invasion. On the 16th September 2021, the Municipality reported the intensifying land invasion at Rietvlei at Phokeng police station resulting in opening of the case ( Case No. CAS150/9/2021).
The issue has since been escalated to the North West provincial office of SAPS, which they acknowledged receipt of and agreed that the matter needs urgent attention.  The Municipality is currently awaiting response from the provincial SAPS office, moving forward.
We are however positive that provincial SAPS will respond positively, sooner, so that land invasion at Rietvlei is permanently dealt with decisively.
Issued by the Communications Unit
Rustenburg Local Municipality

Theft and Vandalism of Electrical

We want to bring to the attention of our residents that the Municipality has been inundated with cases of theft and vandalism of electrical infrastructure over the past two months and beyond. These unfortunate evil deeds have been happening continuously, wherein critical equipments, such  as,  pole mounted transformers, miniature substations, street light poles, street light luminaires, cables and conductors, power transformers, pillar boxes, metering kiosks, earthing systems and earth bars on switchgear panels, have been stolen in broad daylight by armed unknown people.
This results in power outages in various areas of Rustenburg. As a consequence, to order equipment, repair and restore power, takes long time, leaving residents and businesses without electricity for long periods of time. This has caused big strain on the already limited resources, which are extremely costly to procure.  To mitigate this unfortunate challenge, we have devised the collaborative strategy to work with the South African Police Service (SAPS) and community based structures to report any acts of vandalism and theft.
Once again, we sincerely apologise to our communities for the inconvenience caused. We are positive that we shall together defeat this common enemy.
Issued by the Communications Unit: Rustenburg Local Municipality  End.