The Rustenburg Local Municipality, continues to ensure that services are rendered to residents in cost-effective and efficient manner, as outlined in the strategic priority which focuses on sound financial management while promoting good governance principles. The economic down-turn which has led to a technical-recession has not spared the residents from the consequences of a tougher economic times. Most of whom, have lost their primary sources of income. The impact of the national lockdown cannot be ignored, as many businesses could not operate at their full capacity, and others could not survive beyond lockdown, thus having to lay off employees. The financial position of the municipality made it impossible to offer any form of relief to the ratepayers, and the debtors’ book continued to grow.

The Municipal Finance Management Act 56 of 2003 requires that the municipality have effective revenue collection systems as consistent with section 95 of the Municipal Systems Act and the municipality’s Debt Collection and Credit Control Policy.  Subsequently, the City Council resolved in line with item 62 of the 30th March 2021 meeting that the Municipality may, in order to encourage prompt payment by customers and/or to reward regular payments made by customers or payments made by any of the existing means to pay any outstanding balance through an arrangement for the purpose of paying off of debt in instalments which are available in law, including those provisions in section 103 of the Systems Act, and section 71 of National Credit Act – NCA.

Council after taking into account, the effects of a contracting economy and its consequences on households, resolved to extend the debt collection incentives scheme by 6 months commencing 30th March 2021. The incentives program offers clients the opportunity to have their arrangements calculated in line with the Credit Control and Debt Collection policy with interest removed from the calculation and written off when clients have kept to the arrangement.

For more information, residents can contact the following persons: or 014 590 3420 or 014 590 3595 014 590 3426 or at offices 22 – 28th ground floor Missionary Mpheni House.