Electricity Supply Restored to Larger Parts of Rustenburg

The Rustenburg Local Municipality has received reports, that larger parts of Rustenburg have been reconnected back to the electrical network. This follows the illegal industrial action by employees at the City’s Electrical Unit. The efforts of the Accounting Officer, Director for Technical and Infrastructure Services as well as the entire management of the Electrical Unit are appreciated in ensuring that residents have their electrical supply restored and that services were not hampered further.
The Municipality, also appreciates the work done by the Directorate for Public Safety, without whom the operation to restore electricity would have not been completed successfully. The DPS escorted all of the teams which had been tasked with the responsibility of restoring power. The RLM wishes to reiterate its position that ill-discipline will not be tolerated, and that consequence management processes will be initiated until they are concluded.
Additionally, the RLM remains open to discussions with employees over any workplace grievances which will ensure that issues raised in-line with the established procedures are resolved amicably. Any acts of sabotage are not in the best interests of the City’s residents, the Municipality or service delivery.
The RLM expresses further gratitude to the residents, who displayed patience during this period until such time that electricity supply was restored.

Sabotage of Electricity Supply

The Rustenburg Local Municipality has learnt with dismay about the actions of employees at the electrical department, who cut electricity supply to residents at about 01:30 am this morning. An urgent meeting convened by the Executive Mayor – Councillor Mpho Khunou, the Municipal Manager Mr. Victor Makona, Director – Technical and Infrastructure Services as well as the management team at electrical department reflected on this situation earlier this morning.
The Municipality, will be issuing letters to the implicated individuals to initiate consequence management processes, as the City views this as an action of sabotage to the residents of Rustenburg and the RLM.  The employees went on strike after their claims for over-time where not approved by the Accounting Officer. Internal Audit processes, revealed that the claims for over-time were fraudulent and had the over-time claims been paid that would have resulted in irregular and unauthorised expenditure.
Further to this, it has come to the attention of the Municipality that the employees demanded Covid-19 danger allowances, which have not been budgeted for nor have been sanctioned by the City Council. An attempt to process these payments, would have equally translated to unauthorised expenditure on the part of the Municipality. The leadership collective has also resolved to register a case with the South African Police Services, for further investigation into this matter.
The RLM has already deployed officials from the Public Safety Directorate at all of the City’s electrical sub-stations, to ensure that the electrical supply interruption is not repeated. Additionally, teams have already been deployed which will be accompanied by law enforcement officials, to ensure that all affected areas have their electricity supply restored.


Rustenburg Local Municipality Continues to Rally Behind Zano Thando, Following Idols 2020 Success 

The Rustenburg Local Municipality, would like to extend its gratitude to the family of Sonwabile Ngxito popularly known as Zano Thando, on his accomplishment as a Top 4 finalist on the 2020 edition of the music competition – Idols. The cooperation the Office of the Executive Mayor received enabled all the efforts geared towards Zano’s success to become achievable “we are indeed proud of Zano Thando’s success, he may have not won the competition, but South African knows about him and what Rustenburg can offer” Mayor Khunou remarked.
The milestone of reaching the top 4 finalists in a competition that seeks to identify the best, yet undiscovered talent within South Africa is a remarkable achievement. In the numerous engagements the Executive Mayor Councillor Mpho Khunou has had with the 24-year old Zano Thando who hails from Lethabong, has always said his mission was to ensure that the country knows about that Rustenburg has to offer.
While reacting to his recent exit the Executive Mayor said expectations were high, at the end of the process it is the votes which decided any contestant’s fate “we have been rallying behind Zano Thando from early on in the competition. I have been talking to him intermittently virtually throughout the competition and he has consistently expressed his desire of youth development through his presence at the idols competition. In one of virtual engagements, in the presence of the local media, the support towards him was overwhelming and one has to thank the people of Rustenburg, and the entire province for uniting and showing support to one of their own” Mayor Khunou concluded.
The Rustenburg Local Municipality has every intention to ensure that it provides the necessary support to Zano Thando as he now focuses on taking his music career forward. Further to that the Municipality will also be continually providing assistance and support to the youth of the locality with their varying talents to ensure that, Rustenburg like many other city’s plays a critical and meaningful role during the developmental stage of their own youth.
While our City has not been spared from the undesirable consequences of the novel corona virus, great progress has been registered by the City through the annual Mayoral Extravaganza which will not take place this year, owing to the recently announced additional regulations, during alert level 1 of the nationwide lockdown. The RLM is proud that just under a decade, it has taken the task of developing its youth by affording them the opportunity to display their musical talents, during the year-end festivities as the leadership of the Municipality believes in talent development of its own people as being key in developing Rustenburg. We will continue to ensure that, the youth of Rustenburg is not excluded as their contribution is vital, particularly in the City’s long term plans for tourism and entertainment.

RLM Notes Calls for Rustenburg Shutdown On Thursday 10th December 2020

The Rustenburg Local Municipality has noted with dismay the messages circulating on various social media platforms, calling for the “shutdown” of Rustenburg. What is more concerning being that these calls for chaos in the City are led by the officials in the office of the MEC for Arts, Culture, Sports and Recreation in the North West – Hon. Tlhapi Galebekwe. Further to that, we note that the MEC has been tagged in the various social media posts calling for the City’s “shutdown”.
The calls for chaos, follows hot on the heels of an ongoing disinformation campaign led by Lesiba Moraka, who is employed in the office of the MEC and Thabang Ngwenya. They falsely claim that the Executive Mayor – Cllr Mpho Khunou has knowledge and is responsible for the disappearance of a municipal owned BMW X5, which was never delivered. Despite the facts at hand, they continue to peddle lies about the Executive Mayor in this regard.
The Municipality is also aware of a video, in which municipal employees were transported by taxis to a venue where they were addressed by Mr. Lesiba Moraka and encouraged to lead the disruptions of Municipal operations, on the basis of treatment not compliant with the prescripts of the labour department. We are aware that these plans for the “shutdown” also include a former Councillor of the City Mr. Jeff Putu, who wanted to be awarded tenders by the Municipality, without following any due processes.
The Municipality will take action to defend all the Municipal assets, including pursuing various legal avenues available against any individual(s), who intend to cause disruptions in the City, while residents will become inconvenienced as a result of interruptions in service delivery.

Intervention towards Power Interruptions On the Rural/Plots or Farms Areas

Residents of Oorzaak, Zuurplaat, Waagfontein, Rietfontein, Kroondal and Modderfontein and their respective surrounding rural areas have been affected by frequent power failure since Nov 2014. This was as a result of, amongst others – low hanging conductor causing clashing between lines, trees underneath the lines, broken poles and insulators due to ageing, missing hardware like stay-wire and earth wires due to vandalism and theft and failing transformers due to overloading and illegal connections.


  • Installation of 15 X Auto re-closers started on all lines from Kroondal Substation are and to be completed on 13 December 2020.
  • Installation of 70 X Fault Path Indicators (FPI) started on all lines from Kroondal Substation and to be completed on 13 December 2020.
  • Construction of new Modderfontein Substation around and close to where the lines load is based, on the Old Pretoria Road. The project is on final design stage and construction will commence in March 2021.


  • The Auto re-closers will act by ensuring that only the affected portion of the line is isolated from the entire network. It will always attempt to close by its own without waiting for the Electricians to go out (for temporary fault – like wind causing lines to clash, when foreign objects have been thrown to the line, water tracing into the cracked insulators, etc.) and for the permanent faults, it will make sure that only the affected areas remain closed.
  • The FPI will indicate exactly the portion of the lines which have caused the trip and send SMS to standby personnel.
  • The construction the new Substation will make all lines short and will assist in restoration time during tripping.