The faulty public lighting generally leaves most of the parts of the City darkness; this is of serious concern to residents and the Rustenburg Local Municipality acknowledges the inconvenience.
The Municipality has at the beginning of the financial year placed formal tender specifications through the Municipal supply chain processes to acquire the required material to support the programme of repairing and maintaining the high masts lights, streets lights and traffic lights. The duration to acquire the required quantity of streetlight sections on the ± 14 000 streetlights in town will take a considerable period and will be a costly exercise. A tender will be advertised for this project, which will include labour and material per section.
Some streetlights being on during the day is also of serious concern to the residents. This has become a sensitive concern to the Municipality especially during the embankment of energy efficiency methods of supplying electricity. The cause of the streetlights being on during the day is due to the control mechanisms that automatically switch the lighting on and off being faulty.
The Municipality assures residents that once the legislative processes of acquiring all specialised equipment are completed, the repairs and maintenance backlogs will be addressed as top priority.