1. The Council of the Rustenburg Local Municipality approved the process plan for the implementation of the new General Valuation Roll during a sitting of the special virtual council meeting on Tuesday 30 June 2020 per item 103 as follows: –
    • That the Council note the progress report;
    • That the extended date of implementation of the new General Valuation Roll is the 01 July 2021
    • That the Council approve the process plan to ensure that time period for valuation is complied with;
    • That the Municipal Manager dedicate an official to supervise the implementation of the Valuation Roll;
    • That a progress report be submitted to every ordinary Council sitting; and
    • That the Multi -Party Committee monitor progress in terms of implementation of the process plan and a report be submitted at every council sitting.
  2. This communique serves as a further reassurance to members of the community that relevant committees of the municipality as well as the Multiparty Committee are pursuing the matter with a view to ensure that a credible Valuation Roll which is a product of the combined efforts of all the stake holders is compiled.
  3. A series of community participation meetings are scheduled to take place during the month of November 2020 wherein the inputs of members of the public will be solicited
  4. The dates, venues and times for the meetings will be communicated
  5. A further report will be shared with residents concerning the progress on the implementation of the General Valuation Roll for the year 1 July 2021.