Indigent Registration Open for Eligible Applicants

Residents eligible to receive Indigent aid are reminded to visit the Municipal offices to apply for the concession. Those who have applied and have their indigent validity expire between the 25th of March 2020 and the 30th of June 2020 are reminded to reapply should the status of their income remain within the threshold of Indigent Status.
Applications are processed at the Municipal building’s ground floor at offices 22,23,24 and 26.
Telephone enquiries for the indigent aid can be made using the contact numbers below:
 014 590 3445
 014 590 3446
 014 590 3233

Council Suspends Objection Period for New Valuation Roll Pending Review

The Rustenburg Local Municipality, following its communication with property owners on the 14th of May 2020 relating to complaints emanating from the new valuation roll, had the matter tabled before Council’s virtual meeting held on the 22nd May 2020. Council resolved in that meeting to lodge an objection with the Municipal Manager in terms of Section 50(4) of the Municipal Property Rates Act (MPRA).
In addition, the Municipal Manager must inform Council in terms of the resolutions relating to the objections lodged, at a Special Council meeting within fourteen (14) days to make recommendations in terms of the designation of the Municipal Valuer under Section 33(4) of the MPRA. Furthermore, Council resolved to suspend the period for objections, pending the outcome of the process to be undertaken by the Municipal Manager.
Another key resolution was the formation of the Multi-party committee, with representation from each party in Council and Troika (Executive Mayor, Council Speaker and Single Whip). The committee to be convened by the Council Speaker, will investigate all the related processes and seek legal counsel in concluding its work. The committee has already begun its work today, by holding its first meeting in line with the resolution of last week’s Council meeting that the matter, be attended to on an urgent basis in order to resolve the current impasse.
An extension of the validity of the current valuation roll will be requested from the MEC for Local Government in terms of Section 32(2)(b)(ii) of the MPRA pending the outcome of resolution.

First RLM’s Virtual Council Meeting

The Rustenburg Local Municipality’s first Virtual Special Council meeting is currently in session in different locations.
In compliance with COVID-19 regulations, Council employs the new method of holding meetings to implement social distancing and curb the spread of the virus.
With Councilors spread across different venues in both the Civic Centre and Missionary Mpheni House (Municipal main building) including those participating from home, the meeting is held through Zoom, a cloud-based video conferencing service, which allows Councillors to connect and participate through computers/Laptops.
Key items to be discussed include, among others, the following:
1. The Draft MTREF Budget 2020/2021 in compliance with section 16 (1) and (2) of the Municipal Finance Management Act No. 56 2003.
2. The Draft Integrated Development Plan (IDP) 2020:2021 in compliance with Section 30 (c) of Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 2000 as amended.
The public is advices to view the meeting proceedings through live streaming on the Municipality’s Facebook page.


NGOs Support Program: COVID-19

The commitment of the Rustenburg Local Municipality to reducing the COVID-19 infection is self evident throughout Rustenburg as the community receives the necessary support in their fight against  the deadly virus.
Cllr Nosipho Babe (MMC for Intergovernmental Relations and Special Projects) is today handing out face musks, sanitizers, and mattresses to identified NGOs at Lethabong township and Ikemeleng village.

NGOs Support COVID-19 Lockdown

The Rustenburg Local Municipality pulling together with all stakeholders in its jurisdiction mobilizes business to combine resources in line with COVID-19 intervention mechanism.
The MMC (Member of Mayoral Committee) responsible for Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) and Special Projects, working together with Ward Councillors hands out donated sanitizers, face musks, mattresses and other items to NGOs in different wards of Rustenburg today, as a continuation of the Executive Mayor’s work since the announcement of COVID-19 national lockdown.
The NGOs visited today include Bakwena-ba-Mogopa Home-based Care (Bethany village), Tlhokomelo Health Care (Maumong village), and Community Answer Home-based Care (Rankelenyane village).


Mining Sector Backs Education Department in Getting Schools Covid-19 Ready Ahead of Possible Reopening

Today the Executive Mayor Councillor Mpho Khunou, convened another follow-up meeting with stakeholders inclusive of sector departments and mining sector to monitor progress and compliance of level 4 in the City. The meeting was attended by various Members of the Mayoral Committee (MMC’s) and the Municipal Manager representing the Municipality. SASSA , an agency of the Department of Social Development said following the pronouncement by Minister Lindiwe Zulu, on the introduction of the Covid-19 social relief program they have been experiencing challenges.
The agency said it has been recording a high turn-out of people seeking social relief has noted the support of the South African Police Service (SAPS) and the City’s Public Safety Directorate to ensure compliance with Covid-19 safety and hygiene protocols. The issue relating to social distancing, had been affecting the operations due to the long queues and over-crowding, which are in contravention of Covid-19 safety protocols.
All qualifying beneficiaries for the Covid-19 relief measures that are spearheaded by the Department of Social Development are urged to call the national call center number – 0800 60 10 11, provincial office number 018 397 3360, WhatsApp 082 046 8553 or USSD *134*7737# to access Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grants. These grants are meant to assist unemployed South Africans, currently not registered as beneficiaries of SASSA during the period of the lock-down.
The Department of Education, has had meetings with the number of mining houses operating within the Rustenburg jurisdiction who have indicated their support to ensure that the preparation of schools for a possible reopening is achievable. Anglo American Platinum, Impala Platinum, Royal Bafokeng Platinum and Sibanye StillWater have unanimously agreed to prepare an aggressive disinfection and cleaning drive of the schools within the locality of Rustenburg. School premises such as administration blocks, classrooms, ablution facilities and other infrastructure relevant for teaching and learning will be readied to ensure that the resumption of the schooling, is rolled out without any hindrances.
Additional support will include the supply of PPE to the schools, which are critical in the reduction of the transmission of the virus, given that teaching and learning occurs in confined spaces. Once the Ministry of Education has pronounced on the possible reopening, activities in this regard will unfold in preparation of the anticipated phased reopening.
The Department of Home Affairs, has been working closely with the Department of Health, to ensure that while citizens get services from Home Affairs, are screened as the DHA is among one of the departments which continuously experience a high number of walk-ins on a daily basis. The services that are currently provided at Home Affairs during this period include – the issuing of temporary identity documents, issuing of travelling permits for cargo drivers for cross border transportation, issuing of death certificates as well as registration of newly born babies. Other services will be rolled out once, further pronouncements have been made by national government, which are currently halted.
To date the Department of Health has screened over 70 thousand people in the Rustenburg area, including the mass screening campaign which is driven by a door-to-door campaign. More support has been offered to the department by the Red Cross as well as the South African National Defence Force to ensure a wider reach of the screening program. The department in providing feedback had appreciated the concerted efforts by the City to ensure that the response to Covid-19 in Rustenburg is synergistic. This on the back of the first Covid-19 related death in the City. To date Rustenburg, still has the highest number of positive Covid-19 cases.
The SAPS in Rustenburg cluster, has continued to work closely with the Municipality’s law enforcement department in Covid-19 related activities and to date, the cooperation has yielded positive results. Arrests have been made, where criminals have taken advantage of closure of schools and acts of burglary and theft were to be carried out.
In concluding the meeting, the Executive Mayor said it was inspiring to see what the City and all of its stakeholders have been able to achieve and the reports as well as registered progress are evident, that the efforts are not in vain.

RLM Shifts Attention to Care Centres in Rustenburg, For Covid-19 Relief Donations

The Rustenburg Local Municipality’s Executive Mayor Councillor Mpho Khunou, and Members of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) have diverted their attention in ensuring that as the Municipality continues with its Covid-19 relief efforts, care centres across Rustenburg are not excluded. Today the Executive Mayor was in Monnakato and Tlaseng where two NGO’s benefitted from the Municipality’s donation of mattresses.
Thari Mmelegi in Monnakato, is a care centre which focuses on the welfare of children of school going age in the area. The centre, runs a feeding scheme as well as an after-school program which focuses on assisted study session, including preparation for examinations of high school learners. During his visit to the centre in January, the Executive Mayor had committed to ensuring that the centre receives support from the Municipality given the numerous challenges, its management are faced with. In handing over 20 mattresses, the Executive Mayor said, he was aware that during the period people who are assisting communities had not been receiving attention “we are here today, cognisant of the challenges which remain. It is for that reason, we have decided that this week, we focus on such establishments, which ensure the welfare of the less fortunate” Mayor Khunou remarked. Ward 25 Councillor Patrick Tlhapi, had accompanied the Executive Mayor, in handing over the donation.
Another care centre in Tlaseng – Otshepeng Old Age Home, in Ward 26 also received 20 mattresses. The centre, houses a number of the senior citizen in the area and ensures that all of the support which they require is given timeously. The centre management was elated, to have received the donation. The Executive Mayor said, given the challenges that Covid-19 had presented, it was in the interest of government to ensure that the announce relief efforts as well as intervention measures, get to benefit senior citizens as well, which was welcome by Ward Councillor Hendrick Mogotsi.
In other activities, relating to Covid-19 relief efforts, Councillor Michael Mhlungu – MMC for Technical and Infrastructure Services, Councillor Victoria Makhaula – MMC for Public Safety and Councillor Nosipho Babe MMC for IGR and Special Projects led the donation of mattresses at various care centres in Freedom Park(Ntshalle le Bana Care Centre), Tlhabane (Tshupe Hospice) and Rustenburg North (Bessie Mpelegele Ngwana) with mining giant Sibanye StilWater and Impala Platinum, who are the RLM’s social partners.


Rustenburg’s Plans for Level 4 lockdown, Ready for Implementation

Today a follow-up of stakeholders convened by the Executive Mayor of Rustenburg Local Municipality -Councillor Mpho Khunou, was held at the Rustenburg Civic Centre. The Executive Mayor, was accompanied by the Council Speaker – Councillor Sheila Mabale-Huma, Municipal Manager – Mr. Victor Makona, the MMC’s for Corporate Support Services and Planning and Human Settlements Councillors Joyce Mashishi-Ntsime and John Molobi. The meeting, was to keep track of work done by various stakeholders to date in relation to Covid-19 intervention measures in Rustenburg. Critical to the meeting, was the level of readiness by the stakeholders as the country is officially on level 4 lockdown from today, given the number of mining activities in the Rustenburg region.
Mines houses, such as Impala Platinum, Sibanye Stillwater, Glencore Alloys, Anglo American Platinum and Royal Bafokeng Platinum provided an overview of how the mining operations will resume in line with the stipulated regulations for phasing in of the work force needed to restart sectors of the economy which have been permitted to resume operations. To date the mining houses in Rustenburg, have implemented Covid-19 ready plans which are line with the safety and hygiene protocols. Additionally, the mining companies have continued to contribute to the social responsibility programs where food parcels have been donated across various wards to the vulnerable groups.
The South African Police Services, were able to apprehend 7 of the homeless people which have been housed at the Ben Marais Hall. The arrests come after their fingerprints positively linked them to crimes committed previously in various areas in Rustenburg when they were being processed for their stay at the shelter for the homeless. The Municipality will communicate revised processes for acquiring permits for trading in the City, given the number of concerns that have been raised by the affected people trading in Rustenburg.
The Municipality used the meeting with the stakeholders that in line with the implementation of the regulations of level 4. Operations will resume in the coming days and the exact methodology for servicing the community will be communicated into the weekend to ensure that residents and all other stakeholders have access to the Municipality. Other key stakeholders, who were part of the meeting including the Department of Social Development, Department of Education as well as Social Security Agency of S.A (SASSA).