Funeral Of the late Cllr Abram Sello Habi

The late Cllr Abram Sello Habi of the Rustenburg Local Municipality receives the Special Official Funeral at Ward 2, Chaneng village (Robega section) this morning. Cllr Habi passed on Friday, 21 February 2020.

Amongst mourners at the funeral were key government leaders from the North West province, inter alia, Speaker of NW Legislature, Hon. Susan Dantjie, Hon. Tsotso Tlhapi, MEC for Arts, Culture, Sports and Recreation, side by side with the Executive Mayor of Rustenburg Local Municipality Cllr Mpho Khunou, Speaker of the Rustenburg Council Cllr Shiela Mabale-Huma, Members of the Rustenburg Mayoral Committee (MMCs), including Councillors and Ward Committees.



Cllr Abram Sello Habi’s Memorial Service

Mourners came in their numbers to say farewell to the late Cllr Abram Sello Habi of the Rustenburg Local Municipality (RLM) at his memorial service held at Bonwakgogo Primary School in Chaneng village (Robega section) this afternoon.

Different political parties participating in the RLM Council are represented, including other organizations and members of the community, sharing and expressing feelings, thoughts and experiences in his honor and respect.



The Special Council of the Rustenburg Local Municipality

The Special Council of the Rustenburg Local Municipality is underway at the Rustenburg Civic Centre since 10H00.

The agenda of the day focuses on the official announcement of the passing of Cllr Abram Sello Habi on 21st February 2020, including Council’s Assistance for Official Funeral.

The late Cllr Abram Sello Habi was responsible for Ward 2 (Chaneng, Robega, and Mafenya).

*The memorial service will be held as follows:*

*Date*: Thursday, 27 February 2020
*Time*: 14H00
*Venue*: Bonwakgogo Primary School, Chaneng (Robega section).

*The Funereal Arrangements scheduled as follows:*

*Date*: Saturday, 29 February 2020
*Time*: 07H00
*Venue*: Bonwakgogo Primary School, Chaneng village (Robega section).



RLM Committed to Strengthening Relations with Customers to Improve Service Delivery Standards

The Rustenburg Local Municipality remains committed to resolving all the challenges relating to service delivery including matters relating to billing on all municipal utility accounts. To that end, the Municipal Manager Mr. Victor Makona has had an engagement already with various management personnel from the mining houses in the region, to whom we are appreciative given their response to the engagement session. Of great concern to the political and administrative leadership of the RLM is the low levels of collection rates, from services rendered to the business community and residents.
Given the operational model of the Municipality, it is critical to emphasize that apart from the equitable share the Municipality receives from government, the Municipality relies on its budgeting processes by up to 95% to operate optimally, from mainly revenue collection processes. In the absence of satisfactory revenue collection, the Municipality will not be able to meet its financial obligations, be in a position to deliver services to communities as well as continue with maintenance of existing infrastructure including roads, water and electricity for the benefit of the people of Rustenburg.
To that end, is critical for residents and the business community alike to be reminded that without an active credit control system implemented by the Municipality many of the critical services that communities receive such as water and electricity supply may come to an end, while the standard of existing infrastructure may deteriorate in the absence of funded maintenance plan. This can have far reaching consequences to the economy and way of life in Rustenburg, which is undesirable given the strategic objectives of the City in line with the 2040 Master Plan, key to which is the integration of basic services in a coordinated approach.
The Municipality remains, open to the business community as well as residents who intend to keep their accounts in order including commitments to payment plans to avoid penalties. In ensuring that we ultimately build a City we all can be proud of. A concerted effort hallmarked by co-operation and partnerships is key to ensure that all the service delivery objectives are achieved while improving the lives our various communities.


Know your Leaders

Live interview with the Speaker of the Rustenburg Local Municipality Cllr Shiela Mabale-Huma at the Rustenburg Civic Centre this afternoon.
This interview forms part of the program called “Know Your Leaders” as the initiative and program of Nu Inferno online Television channel.
The aim of the program is to familiarize the community with their leaders, this time around the focus is on the leadership of the Rustenburg Local Municipality.


Municipal Accounts Payable Through Various Platforms

The Rustenburg Local Municipality, having implemented an intensive revenue collection campaign, has noted the improvement on the collection rates, for services rendered to the Municipality by residents. With the existing limitation of processing payments from the rates hall as well as the turn-around time involved in assisting customers with account related information or enquiries, the Municipality encourages residents to make use of one the various options:

  • Municipal Offices
  • Electronic Fund Transfers
  • Stop Orders
  • EasyPay points (Pick N Pay, Shoprite, Woolworths, Boxer Cash & Carry, Checkers) by using the provided Easypay number on the statement at any of the abovementioned outlets.
  • Bank – direct deposits

The Municipality’s banking details are:

Rustenburg Local Municipality
Cheque Account
ABSA 632005
Account Number 122 0000 458
Reference: Consumer municipal account

  • Regional Community Centres

(Tlhabane Office, Monnakato, Phatsima, Marikana, Lethabong, Boitekong)


Residents should note that payments processed through the banking sector will clear after 24 hours with ABSA and 72 hours with other banks after payments have been recorded. Further to that proof of payment should be sent by e-mail to

Click here…RLM Customer Statement




Mayor Khunou, on YouFM Talking Service Delivery

The Executive Mayor of Rustenburg Local Municipality, Councilor Mpho Khunou had an exclusive interview on You FM’s Morning show with Pat Cash, talking about service delivery issues and mega projects that are currently being implemented in the City.
The Executive Mayor, gave an account of what the Municipality has been doing in the last 2 years to date to ensure that the City continues to easily access clean drinking water, with minimal to no supply interruptions. “We have noted with concern that we have received little joy, from the water services providers. We have already begun the process of increasing capacity of the Boospoort Water Treatment works, to ensure that our residents some of whom are located in the Greater Boitekong area, are able to have access to water uninterrupted” Mayor Khunou emphasized.
On the issue of refuse collection around Rustenburg, Executive Mayor acceded to the reality that there have been challenges which need to be resolved within the quickest turn-around time “we will be deploying two additional trucks to capacitate the fleet which is being used for refuse collection and it is our intention to ensure that by the end of April, the issue around waste-backlog would have been resolved and at that time, waste removal would no longer be challenge, as has been the case” Mayor Khunou concluded.
The Executive Mayor also fielded questions from the residents who had called in to ask him directly on issues which relate to services rendered to residents.