The Rustenburg Local Municipality has noted with repugnance the nefarious statements made public by Mr Joe McGluwa of the Democratic Alliance – DA in the North West, in a widely publicised document dated 05thNovember 2018. In it he alleges that the Municipality is unable to keep up with its monthly debts to creditors including power supplier Eskom. The statements made by this member of the DA are devoid of any truth and this is part of a ploy to discredit the accountable and responsible manner in which the administration is managing the Municipal finances.
The Allegation that the Rustenburg Local Municipality owes power supplier Eskom is a lie. As a matter of fact, the Municipality has registered a formal dispute with the Energy Regulator – NERSA (Account No. 7729068018) over an account which has been erroneously on by Eskom to the Municipality, wherein Eskom alleges that the Municipality owes over R100 million rand for a Substation which ought to have been commissioned to the local grid in 2016 but was only commissioned in June 2016.
The formal dispute registered with Energy Regulator – NERSA, is yet to be finalised and its outcome will follow a dispute resolution process, therefore any unfounded allegations such as the one being peddled in the court of public opinion by the DA is not factual and without evidence. We call upon any individual who has any evidence as it relates to this allegation, to present it and allow it to be tested using all necessary due-processes which are subject to scrutiny.
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