In keeping with the applicable legislation and having the interests of the residents at heart, Council approved the interest write back on its services accounts. The debt covers varied key municipal services such as water and electricity. The debt, impeded on the municipality’s ability to deliver services of good quality.
Interest written back for the 2017/2018 financial year is as follows:
Year to date as at May 2018:                     R266 945 744
June 2018 billed interest:                          R24 255 045
Total interest written back:                       R291 200 78
Council has approved an Incentives program that has been running from the 1st of August 2018 to date. Incentives include write-offs of up to 30% excluding the current account. This covers accounts that were in arrears as at the 31st of July.
This Incentive program is aimed at all residents and business that are in arrears with their accounts. The write-off of the debt has been effected with the expectation that the residents will start paying consistently on the monthly basis for services provided to them by the municipality. The decision to write-off applies across the board but is good news to indigent residents, who will most likely feel financially relieved from the burden of affording their municipal accounts.
Residents can visit the following municipal offices Missionary Mpheni House on the ground floor for queries and more information:
For residential Accounts –office 23 and 26
For Business Accounts – office 22 and 27.
Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and visit the above stated offices to make payment arrangements.