The Rustenburg Local Municipality’s 2016/2017 Annual Report was tabled in terms of Section 127 of the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act 56 of 2003 before the Municipal Council meeting held on the 30th January 2018 as per item 54, culminating from which the minutes thereto were duly adopted on the 13th February 2018
Pursuant of the provisions of the Act mentioned above, the Executive Mayor Cllr Mpho Khunou and the Municipal Public Accounts Committee launched a Public Participation programme aimed at probing the Annual Report, which started on the 26th February 2018 and is scheduled to run until the 14th of March 2018. It is during this process that Local communities are afforded an opportunity to actively engage on the contents of the same Annual Report as per Section 127(2)(a)(ii) of Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, 56 of 2003 which states” Immediately after annual report is tabled in the council, the Accounting Officer of the Municipality must: –
  • invite the local community to submit representation in connection with the Annual Report. The launch was attended by Stakeholders from Business, Government, NGOs, Faith Based Organizations, Ward Committees, Municipal Officials and Councilors.
This process is primarily aimed at deepening democracy within the Rustenburg Local Municipality’s jurisdictional area thereby enhancing Governance mechanisms and Service Delivery offerings by the Municipality.
Issued by the communications unit
Office of the Executive Mayor





National Clean-up Campaign

The Rustenburg Local Municipality in partnership with the Department of Environmental Affairs is embarking on a national clean-up campaign. One of the objectives of this campaign is for municipalities to adopt this concept (Campaign) and assist in the drive towards a clean South Africa which is free of litter and illegal dumping.
The theme of the Campaign is: #ithatetuu! (Which translates: “Please love yourself”.
Members of the media are invited as follows:
Date:   Friday, 02nd March 2018
Time:    08H00
Venue: Tlhabane (C/O Sedzumo and Lebone Streets (Next to Bafa Funerals)
Issued by: Rustenburg Local Municipality.
For media enquiries, please contact:
Andrew Seome
Communications External
Tel: 014 590 3525
Mobile: 082 717 4373
Email: aseome@rustenburg.gov.za

Digital Migration Registration Process

The Department of Communications announces 31st March 2018 deadline for registration to receive government-subsidised decoders in North West and Free State provinces.
Households qualifying to receive government-subsidised decoders in the Free State and North West provinces have until the end of March 2018 to register for these devices.
The analogue signal will be permanently switched off in June 2019 and people will need decoders to watch television.  Government has since last year been distributing free decoders to those families that cannot afford commercial devices. However, households that fail to register and receive these decoders will lose access to television services. Television viewing households who subscribe to pay-tv channels will face no signal disruptions as these services are already in the digital decoders that they have.
Families earning below R3200 qualify to receive the government-subsidised decoders. Qualifying households are therefore invited to register at their nearest Post Office. The registration deadline is 31st of March 2018 for the Free State and North West provinces.
We also encourage households that fall outside the qualifying criteria to get digitally-enabled TV sets, and migrate with us! When buying a new TV set, ensure that it has a digital tuner.
Officials from the Department of Communications are currently visiting various municipality districts in the North West and Free State province to register and install government subsidised decoders to qualifying households. This move is aimed at accelerating the installation of decoders with view of completing the installations to qualifying households in the both province.
The registration and installation teams will adopt a phased approach that will see them going through all the district municipalities in the province
The department has also enlisted the support of provincial and local governments to encourage qualifying residents to register for these government-subsidised decoders.
The Department of Communications is working together with the South African Post Office to reach communities and to distribute the subsidised television decoders to qualifying households.
For further enquiries kindly contact Mr Andrew Seome on 014 590 3525 or 082 717 4374.






Response to Facebook posting regarding corruption in the municipality

 There is a Facebook posting by Mr Lucas Mothibedi of SABC which relates to corruption at the municipality
It is important to set the record straight in terms of this posting. On Friday, 09th
 February 2018, the Executive Mayor was interviewed by Lucas at the Rustenburg Civic Centre, so this message seems to be an extract from that interview
We confirmed during the interviews that there is a cartel linked to corruption at the mechanical workshop and management of fleet. We revealed an affidavit by one of the service providers at the mechanical workshop who exposed names of employees who were allegedly paid the bribe of R800 000 to secure work and or payment from the municipality.
The municipality has reported this alleged criminality to the South African Police Services as well as the Hawks.
It should also be noted that there is an ongoing forensic investigation into the mechanical workshop and fleet management.
We are also taking steps to institute a further forensic investigation with the Budget and Treasury office of the municipality. The focus of this forensic investigation is on all payments made from the municipality over the past three years.
We have recently received a report from forensic investigations into supply chain irregularities. Following this investigation, disciplinary action has commenced against individuals concerned. Where necessary these matters have also been reported to the South African Police Services.
For further enquiries contact Mr Andrew Seome on 014 590 3525 or 082 717 4374.


  Joint operation on crime prevention and enforcement of municipal by-laws


The simmering relationship between the Rustenburg Local Municipality (RLM) and South Africa Police Service (SAPS) continues to bear fruits for the community of Rustenburg. There had been an outcry amongst the people of Rustenburg about open dealings in drugs and prostitution everywhere, mainly in the Central Business District (CBD) and surrounding areas such as Rustenburg East and Rustenburg North.
The Executive Mayor of Rustenburg Cllr Mpho Khunou has since initiated the Safe and Clean City Campaign a few years ago, as a program to rid the city of drug and human trafficking, and prostitution including all traces of crime.
The city has this past Friday seen the unprecedented joint operations undertaken by RLM and SAPS that took place from the afternoon till late at night. The main thrust of the operation was crime prevention and enforcement of municipal by-laws. The outcome of the operation is summarised as follows:
·        Demolition of properties (Houses) operating illegal activities
·        Arrests made of people involved in drug peddling, possession of illegal firearms and dangerous weapons
·        Closure of businesses operating illegally, including fines issued for noncompliance with municipal bylaws
·        Arrests made, and fines imposed for illegal electricity and water connections
·        De-bushing and clearing of open spaces linked or identified as havens for criminal activities.
Members of the community, business and other organs of state are encouraged to partner with the municipality in the fight against crime.

For further enquiries kindly contact Mr Andrew Seome on 014 590 3525 or 082 717 4374.




The Rustenburg Local Municipality together with the South African Police Services on the 15th February 2018 embarked on a joint operation of clamping down of illegal businesses, brothels and all illegal activities that are operating within the CBD. The joint operations aims to root out all the illegal joints, that are a nest for illegal activities and a harbour for prostitutes and all illegal immigrants
The joint operation saw several closing of illegal salons and scrapyards which were in contravention of the by-laws of the Municipality. Illegal immigrants were apprehended who either had false documentation or had no documentation at all.
The joint operations are a part of the broader activities of the Safe and Clean City Campaign that the Municipality is embarking on with the objective of fighting the scourge of drug trafficking, human trafficking and prostitution. The Safe and Clean City Campaign, and the regular joint operations with the South African Police Services will ensure that Rustenburg becomes a Safe and Clean City for all to live in.
Issued by: Communications unit
Office of the Executive Mayor







The Rustenburg Local Municipality Executive Mayor Cllr Mpho Khunou yesterday met with the Executive
Mayor of Mogale City Cllr Patrick Lipudi at the Rustenburg Civic Centre. The purpose of the meeting of the
two principals was to establish a partnership between the Local Municipalities. Both the Executive Mayors
reached a common ground that a twining partnership will assist in Local Economic Development through
the resuscitation of the Mogale City Rustenburg Corridor providing an economic link between Rustenburg
and Mogale City allowing for both job and business opportunities between the Municipalities.
Also, on the agenda was the Safe and Clean City campaign that deals with the eradication of human
trafficking, and drug trafficking within Rustenburg was also under discussion. The implementation strategy
that Rustenburg Local Municipality embarks on to ensure that these social ill`s are dealt with, providing
permanent solutions and to eradicate the scourge of drug traffickers and human traffickers within the city.
The Executive Mayor of Mogale City, Cllr Patrick Lipudi requested that the Directorate Public Safety, to
visit Mogale City and do a presentation to our fellow colleagues on the Safe and Clean campaign.
The partnership between the two municipalities will bring forth a more progressive and productive
working relationship between the two cities under the leadership of Cllr Mpho Khunou and Cllr Patrick
Issued by: Communications unit
                     Office of the Executive Mayor


The Rustenburg Local Municipality leadership TROIKA met today with the representatives from the Public
Investment Corporation (PIC) to discuss the development and progress of the Tlhabane Mall.
The mall will provide for local economic development for the community of Tlhabane and neighbouring
communities within the jurisdiction of Rustenburg Local Municipality.

Amongst the issues discussed, it was agreed upon that 30% procurement should be sourced locally, and a
further agreement and the general labourers be sourced within the various wards of the Rustenburg Local
Municipality to ensure that all community members of Rustenburg benefit from the job and business
opportunities created by the project.
Training of SMME`s through an incubation program will be provided for by the PIC with the objective of
empowering our local SMME`s with knowledge and skills training that will in future empower and provide
them with confidence to participate and have the required skills to compete with the more established
and big businesses and leave a permanent legacy within the community of Rustenburg.

A newly elected steering committee which is made up of the ward councillors of the wards around the
Tlhabane Mall, two representatives from the PIC and two duly elected community members representing
the wards is to ensure that the project is back on its feet, provide a transparent process by providing
regular feedback to the community regarding the progress and ensuring the completion of the

Issued by: Communications unit
                     Office of the Executive Mayor