Rustenburg Local Municipality and SAPS nipping crime in the bud

 Following a story published in the media in the past two weeks regarding crime that seemed to have escalated in the city and its environs, the Rustenburg Local Municipality is proud to announce that the collaborative effort between them and the South African Police Service (SAPS), as well as other security agencies, such as Community Policing Forum (CPF), are paying dividend, as scores of criminals have been arrested, and are in the process of being prosecuted.
This united front on crime combatting devised the following strategies, to ensure effective outcomes:
  • A specialized crime fighting unit has been started by the Municipality with specific focus, namely; to nip crime in the CBD, in the bud quickly.
  • South African Police Service (SAPS) has undertaken to increase patrols and police visibility in the city.
  • Municipality’s Law Enforcement Unit has deployed civilian clothes officers to patrol the city and its environs, as well as particular identified hot spots, such as, big  retailers, warehouses, supermarkets, main streets, taxi and bus rank, CBD and main streets, with the objective to bringing the suspects to book, thus effectively eliminating criminality, such as armed robbery, drug peddling, human trafficking, prostitution, house breaking, theft, shop lifting and commercial crime in Rustenburg.
“We are going to intensify our public education and awareness campaign on crime combatting together as a united force. We want to applaud our communities for apprehending criminals and handing them over to the police as it has happened recently. This is commendable indeed. Continue that way, without taking law into your hands, but letting it to take its course”, said Acting Executive Mayor, Cllr Mike Mhlungu.
For further enquiries kindly contact Municipal spokesperson, Mr Thapelo Matebesi, on 014 590 3509.

Crime Prevention Strategy in the Rustenburg CBD area

The Rustenburg Local Municipality has noted with concerns the rising level of crime in the CBD area in the recent past. In order to deal with this undesirable scourge, in the interest of safety and security of our residents, the Municipality has developed and implemented the following three-dimensional strategy, and is yielding positive results.
The first dimension (immediate):
  • The Rustenburg Local Municipality, through its Public Safety Directorate has joined forces with the South African Police Service (SAPS), and other law enforcement and security agencies to present a unified approach towards crime combatting in the city and its environs.
  • To date, fourteen (14) people have been arrested and are facing prosecution.
  • The set target date to bring the situation to normality is two (2) weeks, wherein it is anticipated that the entire criminal elements in the CBD would have been eliminated.
The second dimension(medium):
  • The joint special operations, coupled with patrols and visible policing will be sustained until criminality is eradicated in the CBD and its environs.
  • Communication from the RLM and SAPS will be disseminated constantly on various media platforms regarding milestones reached.
The third dimension(long term view):
  • The Municipality will continue to work together with (SAPS) and other security cluster agencies, through scheduled plenary meetings and special operations, to ensure a sustainable crime prevention and combatting strategy for the safety and security of residents.
For further enquiries kindly contact the Municipal spokesperson, Mr Thapelo Matebesi, on: 014 590 3509, cell: 072 7611 018, e-mail: