Eskom Power System Emergency

Eskom Power System Emergency has been declared: 6 February 2015, 08h00 to 22h00. Load shedding stage 2 and Load curtailment stage 1+2 will be implemented to stabilise the system. Your Eskom Customer Executive or Regional control centre will contact you for further action.

Dear Residents

Please note there is no load shedding scheduled for today.

Residents’ and communities are still urged to save energy and to be consume it wisely… We will keep you posted with developments.

Thank you.

 Issued by:

Communications Unit

Urgent Notice

Magalies Water will experience interruptions in water purification processes in all the plants from time to time following an announcement of the stage two load shedding program by.

Electrical supply was interrupted yesterday around 10:30 am due to cable damage

Dear Residents,
Our Water and Sanitation Contractor at the Zinniaville railway crossing damaged an electrical cable while working on site yesterday. 
This is the main 33kV cable connecting the CBD, Safarituine, Cashan, Waterfall Mall, Boschdal and all other areas around including Old Joburg Road.
Due to overload at the time the following areas were also affected: Rustenburg East End, Rustenburg South East Industries and the Civic Centre.


Rustenburg Local Municipality would like to apologize for the interruption of electricity that occurred this morning at 11:00 am. Our water contractors who were working on site at the time, accidentally damaged an electrical cable while working, which cut off electrical supply in most areas within Rustenburg. Electricity has now been restored in most areas... Please be advised there are still areas experiencing electricity faults or that are still without supply - please be patient our electrical department is working on restoring your supply.

Water supply interruption

Please be informed that due to increasing demand or water usage at Tlhabane West and Geelhout Park areas that has put stress on Geelhout and Belleview reservoirs , water supply to these area will be restricted as from 19th January 2015, 9am till 4pm until Friday, 23rd January 2015. This will assist in raising reservoir levels which are at this stage below 50% and at critical stage.