Dear Residents of Tlhabane West and Boitekong

Tlhabane West: Kindly be notified that there is an ongoing water supply interruption on the high-lying areas of Tlhabane West which were influenced by load shedding and damaged electrical motors at the Tlhabane West pump station. As it takes a while to fill up reservoirs, the water level at this stage at the Tlhabane West reservoir is below 30%. To mitigate this situation, restriction of reservoir outlets will continue so as to raise levels to an acceptable standard.

Eskom Power System Emergency

Eskom Power System Emergency has been declared: 6 February 2015, 08h00 to 22h00. Load shedding stage 2 and Load curtailment stage 1+2 will be implemented to stabilise the system. Your Eskom Customer Executive or Regional control centre will contact you for further action.

Dear Residents

Please note there is no load shedding scheduled for today.

Residents’ and communities are still urged to save energy and to be consume it wisely… We will keep you posted with developments.

Thank you.

 Issued by:

Communications Unit

Urgent Notice

Magalies Water will experience interruptions in water purification processes in all the plants from time to time following an announcement of the stage two load shedding program by.